Over 3 years later Naruto gets the chance again to use it once again on Sasuke, this time it seems to have worked......

The Talk No Jutsu dimension is a space time ninjutsu/genjutsu very similar to Obito Uchihas Kamui

A signature jutsu of Naruto Uzumaki☀(FAN-MADE, BUT CANON) Being completely fed up with all the villians after exhausting all variants of Talk No Jutsu. In this world the whole area consists of what seems to be nothing, a blank dimension that is absent of all color. But this is false, unseen to the naked eye is all of Narutos thoughts and philosophies are penetrating the victims brain and he will soon be converted. It is said to be a jutsu said to rival even the likes of Shisui Uchiha's Kotoamatsukami, The strongest genjutsu on earth.

TnJ Dimension first appeared after Naruto activated the Kyubi Cloak. As he was still inexperienced plus Sasuke's resistance TnJ, the jutsu failed and Naruto was defeated.

The first appearance of the TNJ Dimension was when Naruto was about to succum to Kurama's TNJ to undo the seal, but Minato's TNJ chakra was able to reach Naruto and dragged him to the TNJ Dimension.  In this world, Naruto punched his dad and realized physical attacks do not work there, only talking. Minato told his son that he will find the answer by look around the enormous empty world and seeing that only TNJ was key to defeating pain and the mysterious masked man. Right then, Kishimoto knew how he was going to end his cash cow manga series.

After the TnJ with Raikage and Sasuke failed during the Five kage meeting arc, Naruto knew he had to master this jutsu so he started to train during the Fourth Ninja world war to prepare himself for the final confrontation with Sasuke

During his battle with ten tails' jinchurukii Obito or Juubito for short. Naruto was able to update his wallpaper for the TnJ dimension. This wallpaper includes a starry background which includes pretty much every single character to maximize TnJ potency. Feeling that his intelligence was insulted, Obito attempted to strangle Naruto. But Naruto changed his strategy and instead created a younger Obito to TnJ on himself. Finally, Obitio succumbed to the power of TnJ dimension and converts to Naruto-lover.

During the conversation with the Sage of Six Path, SOSP realized that Naruto is the only one with the potential to master this jutsu which he could not even do so. Thus, he passed down the secrets of this jutsu together with the yang energy and Naruto finally masters the ultimate Genjutsu.

Sasuke Uchiha has been blessed by Kishimoto to withstand this horrid technique for 15 long years. However, in the final fight, Naruto coupled with his Six Paths Sage mode unleashed the full power of TnJ Dimensions. Finally, Sasuke fell into the hands of plot induced stupidity and was mauled by TnJ relentlessly. Not even Kishimoto could save him. The trauma was so severe he married and pro created with the one woman he did not have any interest in.

Poor Sasuke was a victim of TnJ and plot induced stupidity. This damaged him to the point where he names his child Salad.Who actually looks like Karin's daughter . Also Sasuke leaves the village .


Naruto attempting to activate the jutsu......


However Sasuke seems to resist it and the jutsu fails...