This is where the Naruto series takes place.

Five Major CountriesEdit

Land of FireEdit

Ruled by Fire Daimyo. Shinobi village is Konohagakure.

Land of WaterEdit

Ruled by Water Daimyo. Shinobi village is Kirigakure.

Land of WindEdit

Ruled by Wind Daimyo. Shinobi village is Sunagakure.

Land of EarthEdit

Ruled by Earth Daimyo. Shinobi village is Iwagakure.

Land of LightningEdit

Ruled by Lightning Daimyo. Shinobi village is Kumogakure.

Smaller CountriesEdit

Land of SoundEdit

Shinobi village is Otogakure.

Land of IronEdit

Samurai country.

Land of FrostEdit

Ruled by Frost Daimyo. Shinobi village is Shimogakure.

Land of WavesEdit

Land of Hot WaterEdit

Ruled by Hot Water Daimyo. Shinobi village was Yugakure.

Land of WhirlpoolsEdit

Shinobi village was Uzushiogakure.

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