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Welcome, all newbies and seniles! This is a list of common terms and their abbreviations that you're likely to come across when cruising the Library.


  • AL: Akatsuki Leader; the unknown leader of Akatsuki who looked like Naruto with spikes, later revealed as Nagato.


  • BH: Blue Hair; the unknown member of Akatsuki who had blue hair, later revealed as Konan.
  • BM: Biju Mode


  • Canon, Cannon: Info from things with Masashi Kishimoto's name splattered all over it, like the manga, databooks, fanbooks, artbooks, and interviews. Anime and games need not apply.




  • Fakt: Tag prefixed to a thread to indicate that it uses indisputable facts to prove an false/absurd/joke theory or idea.
  • Filler: Characters and events just there to take up space. Can refer to things in manga or anime.
  • Fixed: Comment left after editing another's quote, often for a humorous effect.
  • Fodder: Characters there to take one for the team, giving attacks an impact without sacrificing main characters. Often nameless.





  • Jizz: Former member whose devotion to duping rivals his devotion to all things Sasuke.


  • Kabuchimaru, Orochibuto, Kabutorochimaru, Orochimabuto: Mash-ups of names to reflect the genetic mash-up Kabuto applied to himself.
  • KCM: Kyuubi Chakra Mode
  • KN(x): (x)-Tailed Kyubi Naruto; Naruto tapping into Kurama's chakra as noted by number of tails (x). Range of 0-9.



  • Modfuck: When a mod fucks with a poll or thread and everyone else has to suffer/enjoy the consequences. Sometimes applied to an Admin messing with user or section names.


  • Nardo: Cute shortening of Naruto.
  • NH, NaruHina: Pairing term for NarutoXHinata
  • NS, NaruSaku: Pairing term for NarutoXSakura


  • One shot: Using one and only one technique to beat or kill an opponent. Often misused.
  • OP: Opening Post(er); maker of the thread or the first post in the thread. Its meaning depends upon context. Can sometimes stand for One Piece.


  • Plot no Jutsu, PnJ, Talk no Jutsu, TnJ:
  • Prooved, 100% Prooved: It's really not.
  • Pwned, Owned: Created a post so brilliant that the opposing side could not possibly counter.


  • QB: Phonetic abbreviation for Kyubi


  • Rep, Reputation: You can never have enough of this.
  • Rikudo Mode, RM: Dated term for Naruto's Kyubi Chakra Mode.


  • Sasgay: Derogatory name for Sasuke.
  • Shitstorm: What happens when fandoms clash. Often brewed by trolls.
  • Solos: What Itachi does When a single character or single technique wins the fight or battle on his/her/its own.
  • SN, SasuNaru: Pairing term for SasukeXNaruto.
  • SS, SasuSaku: Pairing term for SasukeXSakura.
  • Sukura, Suckura: Derogatory name for Sakura.


  • Tard, -tard: Overzealous fan blind to reasoning negative to favorite character(s) or positive to hated character(s). Use of the term is largely frowned upon.
  • Tobito: Obito = Tobi; Popular theory about the identity of Tobi.
  • Troll: Someone who posts joke or fake things with the intention of angering others/starting a fight. Do not feed.




  • Wank: Zealous exaggeration of a character's skills or achievements.




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