Kamui is an ocular jutsu of Obito Uchiha's Kaleidoscope Sharingan, awakened in differing incarnations by Kakashi Hatake and Tobi. It is a space-time jutsu that does not use handseals.

History & AbilitiesEdit

Kamui was first revealed as a space-time jutsu that creates a barrier wherever the user stares, at the center of which a depression forms. This depression draws objects into another dimension. The barrier's size and location can be specified at will by the user, and the jutsu can vary in intensity. It can be slow[1], or quick in swallowing its targets. This is an incarnation limited to Obito Uchiha's left eye. Despite the differences between the two eyes, both variants share the same dimension, which causes Tobi to be vulnerable to attacks teleported by Kakashi's Kamui if he teleports his own body parts into the same dimension.[2] The term Kamui (神威) means Might of the gods.

  • The left eye variant of Obito's kamui, which can remotely transport objects.
  • The left eye variant of Obito's Kamui, which can remotely transport objects. Here, Kakashi attempted to decapitate the Gedo statue [Chapter 595].

The second incarnation of this ocular jutsu is used by Obito Uchiha himself, which has a wider scale of abilities. He considers this incarnation to be the most authentic of the two.[3] To begin with, his variant of the ocular jutsu allows him to transfer the parts of his body that makes contact with any objects, into another dimension, making it appear as if enemy attacks slipped through him when he is in fact no longer on the same plane of existence.[4][5] He does not have control over which parts of his body are sent away, making him unable to attack while using this ability[6], and can also choose to send away things he's making contact with as a means of protecting them.[7] Tobi can maintain this ability for about 5 minutes at a time.[8]

The second ability he's shown with this eye is the ability to teleport himself. Because this is a trait of the eye and does not involve seals or summoning tattoos, this ability is claimed to be superior to the space-time jutsu of the 4th hokage.[9][10]

The final ability he's shown with this eye is the ability to teleport outside objects into or out of an undisclosed area that may be another dimension. Being swallowed into this undisclosed area may trap whoever is sent there, although Tobi can move back and forth between areas.[11] He also appears to be able to keep trapped shinobi under genjutsu.[12] He can also summon weapons, such as shurikens and stakes and direct them without touching them.[13] Use of this ability causes Tobi to become vulnerable to attacks, as he needs to make contact with whatever he needs to teleport, whether it is into the dimension or out of it.[14]

On rare incidents where the power is used in rapid succession, it appears that the user's Kaleidoscope Sharingan will bleed, similar to the strain caused by the Amaterasu.[15]


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