Iron Sand is the most feared weapon in the history of weapons in Sunagakure. This weapon was made when the Third Kazekage was alive.

History Edit


When the Third Kazekage was studying how to do sand manipulation abilities of a Shukaku jinchuuriki, he ended up creating this technique that is similar to that certain ability, although the sand is stronger. This is called a weapon since the Third Kazekage made the iron stuff into weapons and making it his main ability. Iron Sand can be seen in some forms like the normal sand attack form, a cloak form, spikes (yes, it's that hard), ect. The pictures on the side are the Iron Sand Drizzle and Shinki's Iron Sand Cloak cause I don't know how to do those slide shows.

Users Edit

The List of Users! There ain't much nor I think this is important, but i'm adding it, anyway!


Third Kazekage




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